Learning Gratitude

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Once  a month I am part of an online auction called Heartful Soul Artist collective, a group of artist that prepare new paintings each month according to a theme. Last month in March I managed to put together about 6 pieces, one was a rework from an old painting. And I did not sell one painting. I was not happy about that of course, but more so, then to make money as an artist was the feeling of failure to create something that another would appreciate as a part of their art collection. I always think that I paint mostly for myself, that is, something that I really am inspired to paint, but being a part of a collective also means we are under a pressure to create something fresh and new every month. It can be challenging to see that it is not wanted. It reminds of something that artists all over the world struggle with  I think. If you want to paint, you have to make money to support yourself,  so you are also under the pressure to sell. And the two don’t always work together very well. Being under pressure throws you out of the zen flow, that special place so needed to create fresh and unique art.

In times like these I really try to shift my focus from a needy space of necessity and put my attention on things I am grateful for. Sometimes that means cleaning up my space and my studio and making it special again. In that way I really appreciate having it around me, and I am so happy to be there again.  I also take my unsold paintings and try to find frames for them, making them really special for myself. And from there, I start seeing so many other things I already have and I am grateful for, even appreciate the time that I have to create in. Life is good again, teaching me as usual, that I am grateful for so many things, love is always there after all ❤

One thought on “Learning Gratitude

    Karen Nowviskie said:
    March 12, 2018 at 10:55 pm

    First, let me say that if I had money enough and space to display them, I would love to have your work in my home! Your paintings are beautiful and unique.

    In thinking about the auctions, one problem may be that your audience is nearly all artists and are repeatedly the same audience month after month. This could limit buyers. I don’t really know how they work, but maybe the auctions need to be made more public?

    I love that you made this situation into a positive in your life. That says a lot about your character.

    Please never doubt yourself! Youre my art hero!


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