Month: November 2017

Joy to the World

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The Holiday season is here, can you feel it? I am sure you can, even if you are not engaging in the hustle and bustle,  you can see it all around you. Everyone is eagerly getting prepared for the day or the days they will spend with their family, exchange gifts or just meet up again after not seeing each other for so long, or maybe not even being in touch.

I love the holidays, I absorb it through my pores, and even at times, when money feels scares, I usually find a way to give, from my heart, from my soul or just an intention. I think especially the celebration of Christmas, even though I do not consider myself to be a religious person, always brings back memories of childhood, our family siting at a table, and the tree lit up with candles, and sometimes they would catch a fire. My dad and I, I think I was 7 at the time, snuck out into the woods near our town one year, and stole a tree. I know that sounds bad, but then we had a snowball fight afterwards, and I think that is the best memory I have of me and my dad being together.

We create our joy, we do have the capacity to do that, no matter how broken inside we can get sometimes, and how much we want to hide sometimes. Joy is our true nature. I just recently read something really empowering from Gaby Bernstein –

“Deep within our own awareness we have a direct line to the unified field of energy. Through prayer, meditation, positive intentions, and joy, we can enliven that field and create a ripple effect of peace in the world. If you make joy your priority and tune into this joy daily through your meditation, not only will you feel deeply connected, you will also have a huge impact on the people and circumstances in your life and the lives of people you don’t even know. You have the power to be a spiritual activist. Through your positive energy you can bring forth great healing to everyone around you. The energy we put out is either polluting the planet or healing it. Which do you choose?”  – from the book The Universe Has Your Back.

I think I use my art to brig beauty and joy to the wold, and then the Beauty and Joy comes back to me from my creating. I feel truly blessed to be able to do that, and I bless you from the bottom of my heart

Happy Holiday season ❤

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Thanksgiving Art Bundle

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Hello my friends. Olga Furman, Annie Hamman and myself created a special bundle of our 9 workshops – “Thanksgiving Art Bundle”, which includes 167 VIDEOS, 57.5 HOURS of creative fun! Wow!!! And all that for 70% off discount! We want to say big Thank you for all your support on this Thanksgiving day!
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My Trip to Tustin, California

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Processed with VSCO with  presetLast week of October I went to visit my fried Kara Stracham Bullock at her studio in Tustin California to teach a workshop Soulful Portraits. The whole trip was a wonderful experience, the weather was beautiful and Kara’s studio is awesome and still coming together. It is nestled in a beautiful part of town with lots of quaint restaurants to visit. Attached to her studio is a very relaxing meditative rest area filled with artifacts and decorated stones. It’s a perfect place to gather and reminisce.

Originally I was going to work on just one project, because I thought it would give us plenty to do, but as I was open for any direction in the work flow, my students asked for change of pace, and were able to work on two or three project, and everyone was able to finish something, or at least get most of one painting finished. I realized that working on one piece only and direct too much attention to it might actually turn out to be more tiresome. I think we all had very productive three days.

At the end of my stay I was able to take few days to cruise around the area to Newport Beach, Laguna beach and San Clemente. I loved taking the drive around the coast. It was very picturesque.

Before my return, I had few hours to spend at Kara’s Studious, and so I decided to start my one page journal that I wanted to create for some time now. It’s amazing how efficient I can be when all the supplies and space are available right there to do nothing else, but create.  After I put my journal together, I was able to take it with me on a plane and started adding to it right away.

One Page Journal


Journal - Open.jpg

This has been a wonderful trip and I am so grateful to have been part of it. I am looking forward to my next journey ❤