Inspiration has to find you working!

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Sometimes I like to feel FragileToday I took a yoga class and our teacher read this to us in the beginning of our practice. I thought, how appropriate, since I was looking up this book ‘War of Art’ just yesterday on Amazon.It came highly recommended. And here is the excerpt from the book. I think its a little more of an elaborate way of saying – inspiration has to find you working, and always a good reminder .

“A pro views her work as craft, not art. Not because she believes art is devoid of mystical dimension. On the contrary. She understands that all creative endeavor is holy. But she does not dwell on it. She knows if she thinks about that too much, it will paralyze her. So she concentrates on technique. The professional masters how, and leaves what and why to the gods. Like Somerset Maughan she doesn’t wait for inspiration, she act in the anticipation of it’s apparition. The professional is acutely aware of the intangibles that go into inspiration. Out of respect for them, she lets them work. She grants them their sphere while she concentrates on hers.

The sign of the amateur is over glorification of and preoccupation with the mystery.So Kind
The professional shuts up. She does not talk about it. She does her work.”

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