Our June Auction is Here

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Our June Auction in The Heartful Soul artist Collective is now in full swing. The images above are all my original paintings, but we now have 15 artist all together and they present on different days.

MondayJune 5, bidding starts noon EST.
Bidding ends 1:00 PM on Tuesdays June 6:
Paula Watters Jones Donna Munro Lucy Chen Basia Zielinska

Tuesday June 6, bidding starts 1:15
Bidding ends 1:30 PM on Wednesday June 7:
Kate Thompson Lucy Jordan Maria Pace-Wynters Lara Provost

Wednesday June 7, bidding starts 1:45
Bidding ends 2:00 PM on Thursday June 8:
Sara Burch Jo Loughnan Annie Hamman Olga Furman

Thursday June 8, bidding starts 2:15
Bidding ends 3:00 PM on Friday June 9:
Katrina Koltes Renata Loree Muriel Stegers

Also, part of our auction our daily giveaway and short surprise auctions that start with a very low bidding price. You might not want to miss this one, see you there!

Garden of Flowers

New Class by Olga Furman.

Find out more about it and sign up in here to get an early bird discount. Class starts June 26.


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