Month: February 2017

21 Secrets on Sale Today

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21-secrets-2017-embody-mdYay!, I am so excited to announce, that 21 Secrets is coming out to purchase today and I am one of the teachers! And until Saturday February 11 you will receive a discount of $10 at signing up at the checkout. Just use discount code: emBODY at check out of purchase

This workshop will be truly amazing and it will be fully downloadable on March 27.  With it you will have an instant access to 21 teachers and their secrets of developing a journal page through the prompt – emBody. I am personally very stoked about this, because being an energy worker, this is always something that comes up in my creative field. And I personally can not wait to see what everyone else will come up with. So are you ready to take the journey with us?

To meet all the teachers and their work they will be doing, or to sign up click here.

Here are the details of what is included in the purchase of 21 SECRETS emBODY:

  • A downloadable 150+ page eBook that contains 24 art journaling workshops packed with 25+ hours of videos, full color photos, templates, and clear instructional content that is yours to keep and refer to again and again.
  • Unlimited access to all workshops at once! You pick and choose which ones you do and when.  There is no time limit or deadlines to meet — these workshops are yours to keep!
  • Membership to the private 21 SECRETS Facebook community where you can share, be inspired, and receive warm, supportive feedback.
  • The opportunity to learn a variety of art journaling approaches and techniques from the comfort of your home/studio.
  • Belong to a supportive online artist community that has been growing strong since 2010! At 21 SECRETS we celebrate everyone’s unique expression and support artists in becoming confident and courageous while creating from the heart!
  • To find out more, click here.

February First

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And the winter just seams to be moving right along, unabashedly and with very little drama this year, but for some reason, drama just follows me around. I have finely settled into my new apartment, and was getting ready for another online auction this month, but alas, Facebook blocked me all together for 24 hours. Luckily my friend offered to help, what would we do without our friends?

I have three paintings to offer in February for our Music and Dance Auction. The Sacred Bowl, which was inspired by a course I am taking, about the sacred feminine creative energy contained in the water element. Second painting is all about the Light, opening all the doors and taking steps towards light and all the possibilities ahead of us. And the third painting was inspired by the Shreem Mantra. It contains the seed sound of abundance and prosperity. I will always hold her close to my heart.

February auction – Music and Dance

Sometimes when things get really crazy, I take few deeps breaths. Nothing is ever lost, and nothing is really truly just beginning. I can sort of feel it when I connect to the easy flow of life, light and friendship all around me. I can feel it inside, alway evolving and recognizing, colliding and then, breaking apart again. It can be scary, when things don’t seam quite right, but maybe, that is just the excitement of it, and I am missing the ride.