The Performer

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This month’s theme at the Heartful Soul Artist collective is the Performer. I first thought how wonderful it will be to enter the soul of an artist that I essentially am, that expresses his emotions through movement of his body, instead of a canvas. I thought I understood that personality very well. Feeling lonely at times, not understood, but looking for wonder at the same time. But isn’t that what life is essentially about, how we connect with others through art, through craft, or what ever it is that we do best? It takes us up and down through all the waves of emotion, and can be in itself cathartic, draining or very liberating, if we allow it to move us forward. I created two paintings, the first one called Friends and the other Wonderlust.

If you would liker to support our auction, click on the image below. It starts October 6 at noon and stops October 7th at noon. And good luck, if you participate in it.


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