Month: October 2016

The winner is…….

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Today the Registration opens for Let’s Face it, what exciting news. A whole year to explore how to paint a face, from every angle, nuance and other ways to imagine.

I am really grateful for all of you that has shared the post on Facebook or in here and helped to spread the word about this course. I have a lucky winner of the draw that will win a free spot – Corie Gochicoa. Congratulations Corie, see you next year in the class.

To register for this year long class click here.



Let’s Face It

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Click here to visit Kara Bullock Art.

Hello Friends!

I am so excited to announce that I am going to be a guest teacher in LET’S FACE IT 2017!  In case you are unfamiliar with this course, it is a year-long, online, art class created and hosted by Kara Bullock, devoted to creating portraits!  It is for any level: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. The 2017 Let’s Face It class has a BRAND NEW line up of amazing teachers, and FIVE new areas of focus, with some other exciting EXTRAS, too!

Click here to find out more about LET’S FACE IT.

This year, Kara is joined by 19, AMAZING, guest teachers!  You will not believe this line up!  Together, we will be giving you 50 weeks of lessons that will continue to encourage and support you along your creative journey that you are on!  Come and join us!  Together we will connect, collaborate and create!

The LFI team is a group of amazing artist and teachers and I am very proud of being part of this group.  I will be teaching you how to draw a challenging angle of the face, either an angle of a face looking up or down.  Plus, I will share a special tip and mini lesson of how ti mix colors of a face without over blending them and crating a mud! This course is not open for registration yet!  However, you can read more about it and bookmark this page so that on October 10th, you can come back and register.   If you register by December 1st, you will get a discount on the price too!

I am thrilled to be a part of this fantastic team of teachers and guess what else!?  I get to give away one free spot in this course to one of you!!

To enter my give away please share this blog and my Facebook page with your friends and then let me know you did, I will put your name in the giveaway.

I will announce the winner on October 10th!

In the mean time, click here and book mark this page so that you can come back on October 10th and sign up!

I can’t wait to begin this journey with each of you!



Here is a list of the other instructors that will be on the LFI2017 team.  Visit their websites to learn more about them!

September 12 – Angela Kennedy –

September 13 – Annie Hamman –

September 14 – Deb Weiers –

September 15 – Donna Munro –

September 16 – Lynda King –

September 19 – Fran Schlosser –

September 20 – Heather Foust –

September 21 – Iris Fritschi-Cussens –

September 22 – Ivy Newport –

September 23 – Jeanne-Marie Webb –

September 26 – Jennifer Albin –

September 27 – Jennifer Bonneteau –

September 28 – Julie Johnson –

September 29 – Juna Biagioni –

September 30 – Kara Bullock –

October 3 – Lara Provost –

October 4 – Lauren Rudolph –

October 5 – Effy Wild –

October 6 – Renata Loree –

October 7 – Robin Laws –

The Performer

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This month’s theme at the Heartful Soul Artist collective is the Performer. I first thought how wonderful it will be to enter the soul of an artist that I essentially am, that expresses his emotions through movement of his body, instead of a canvas. I thought I understood that personality very well. Feeling lonely at times, not understood, but looking for wonder at the same time. But isn’t that what life is essentially about, how we connect with others through art, through craft, or what ever it is that we do best? It takes us up and down through all the waves of emotion, and can be in itself cathartic, draining or very liberating, if we allow it to move us forward. I created two paintings, the first one called Friends and the other Wonderlust.

If you would liker to support our auction, click on the image below. It starts October 6 at noon and stops October 7th at noon. And good luck, if you participate in it.