Month: November 2015

My first Painting for Print

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24763368_16666716_lzI am kind of excited to have this painting post for print on Society6. This is one of my favorite paintings and I think she would make a nice present. All you have to do is click on this link Society6, and order her  as a stretched or unstretched canvas, or print. I used to do prints myself, but I was limited by a size, and it would just keep me away from painting. Printing is not an easy thing, if you want to get things come out right. So this takes a big load off my shoulders.


The Raven

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carries a certain kind of mystery, I am naturally detached from them. Is it the dark color of their croak, or is it that they seamed to be following the dark, sitting on weathered trees, only visible through the silver moon? I can’t follow my memory to being threatened by them in any way, but their chilling presence always leaves something to be admired,

here is what I found about them


Throughout time, Raven has carried the medicine of magic. Raven is powerful medicine that can give you the courage to enter the darkness of the void, which is the home of all that is not yet form.

The void is called the great mystery.

Great Mystery existed before all other things came into being.

Great Spirit resides inside the Void and emerged from the Great Mystery, Raven is the messenger of the void. Raven’s color is the color of the void. The black hole in space that holds all the energy of the creative source.

In native teachings the color black means many things, but it does not mean evil. Black can mean the seeking of answers, the void or the road of the spiritual or nonphysical.

The blue-black of raven contains the iridescence that speaks of the magic of darkness and a changeability of form and shape that brings an awakening in the process.



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Sometimes we are meant to be just happy. We wake up with no worry in the world, we don’t even know why that happens and we forget to consider why. Everything is bright blue or pink, the breeze carries that certain kind of smell that propels us to think only happy thoughts, and we don’t even wish that this would never end, because it just is.