Art Heals – Creative people in our community

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I met John last year,

he was sitting at Starbucks and was quite the sight. His large paintings stacked neatly over each other and he was patiently painting his colored lines into what seamed to be a magic land on Archival paper. I only shyly approached him to say how much I admired his work, but he must get that a lot, so he forgot. But today when I saw him, his stack has gotten bigger. I really admire his determination, because I jump from one project to another, never really being able to stick to one idea at all. He said that it takes him about a 100 hours to finish a piece and tries to spend about 10 hours a day doing it. He is an english teacher, so on his summer brake he has more time. I also asked him if Starbucks lets him sit there for a long time taking a space in the shop, and he said that so far they do not complain, especially since he uses their coffee as paint. Some of the sepia colored tones are painted entirely with coffee and pen, and some colors are diluted in it. I thought that was very interesting. I heard about organic paints, but never thought coffee being strong enough to hold up.

He does not have a website yet, but his paintings will be bound in a book. I am definitely going to get a copy. He says he is about 3/5th of a way in, and it will be called The Owl Who would not Fly – by John Lehman, look for it.

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