Time to Heal

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Wonder I do not know if it was the long dreary winter, that was just getting to me or what, but something had to change. I had a horrible case of the flu, then I hurt my back, I was constantly dealing with an ear infection or a tooth infection, and then I got a horrible skin rash, on my face. What gives? I knew I had to step back and reassess few things. I decided to do a detox, which meant that I would have to quit coffee. I found a chocolate alternative that I could deal with and all went well. I started to feel more relaxed and got into a space that was sort of surreal. I started seeing visions of angels and birds flying and my body sort of slowed down. With that a new hope and possibilities started to manifest that made me more hopeful and happy. And then this painting appeared. It looks like it’s a start of something new. I better stay clean.

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