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I have just received some horrible news as I was preparing to sit down and write my little story on Wholeness. And I don’t know how to do that now, because I lost my faith in humanity just this moment. To write about wholeness of the spirit seams almost superficial now. But as I know it, the spirit is whole, it can not be fragmented, wholeness is the very definition of it’s meaning or speciousness. . But mind is what fragments us and damages are sense of being complete.

I just took this wonderful little workshop with one of my favorite teachers Dough Keller on the ability to relax and feels spacious. When we think about space, we could think of different objects being contained in it, but they are part of that same whole space. They are not even adding or taking away anything from that space, but they might be changing the quality of it. In that same way, we might feel spacious, but if we focus only on parts of that space as taking away from our experience, we will start feeling fragmented, and so the healing practice here, is to widen our experience into wholeness, and the things that come into residence with us as mere visitors that might change the quality of our being, but not who we really are.

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