Month: January 2015

Twists and Turns

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After many grueling days working on a computer trying to resolve issues with getting my online class going, I need to step away from the screen and be really creative – on the right side of the brain. I needed to get loose. I went into a garage to see what is there and found a piece of wood that had a vase with flowers on it, something I was experimenting with a while back. I put it on my easel, I loved the colors, but that was it. It started to change, I slapped some paint on it, stuck on some paper, I decided and promised myself, that this is my time to be just playful and not worry about the outcome of this. And then suddenly a pig.


I am Sick

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really really sick

what happened?

Was’t I kind enough

hopeful enough? Grateful enough?

Was I too proud?

Did I say the wrong things, reached the wrong way?

Seized the day too late?

Was I getting sloppy?

Forgot to say thank yous, stopped paying attention?

took the wrong turn,

got angry at that?

Was it my time?

To hurt, to pay back, to suffer

to pay my dues – apologize

write a poem  – pause

pay attention

I am sick