Month: August 2014

Happy Journalling

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The worst thing you can do is being afraid to be yourself.

CYMERA_20140818_095548I did not really consider art journaling until about a year ago or two. I always loved to paint, and I loved journals. I actually have so many journals I don’t know what to do with, but most of them I have written only into couple of pages, and tucked them away, just to admire the covers and sigh at the empty pages. Only until recently I have fallen in love with filling their empty pages with colors and lines and what nots. Now I like to see my progress of creating.

It is called Art journaling, but it is not necessarily meant for anyone to see. It’s a place where you can work things out for yourself and keep them hidden. Once in a while, something magical actually happens, and you might like to share it with others. There actually is a group on Facebook, just for that purpose. It’s called Standforartjournalling.

I like to start, just placing pieces of paper and images on page, filling the rest with blobs of color and and some patterns and lines. What ever comes to my head. I try not to control my next move, until something pops into my head that I want to see there. As I move along in this sort of meditative process, ideas and words start coming to mind, and I feel free to write them down and then paint over them again. Sometimes when I feel upset, I actually scribble the whole page with words first, and then paint over it.

I also find that the more I paint over something, the more I might like it. I don’t stop, until. I like the page, and feel some sort of relief of accomplishment. If I do it in the morning, it sets me up for better day, and if I create at night, it helps me to sleep better.

Happy journalling.


My Center

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My thoughts are always with you. It’s like you never left. They keep pulling me and tugging at me avery which way.

I try to keep my center, but I thought my center was with you. Now I am lost,

and to reclaim it

would I have to get you back?

But it’s my center.


Turning Away from Light.

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What makes one commit suicide? I am not even sure if I could start to judge something I have never experienced. But in the eve of witnessing from afar two deaths of very accomplished people, I can only wonder, what does it hold in store for us all. I have myself experienced the dark cloud that can cary us all into the pit of despair, but I always carried a hope of something better to come. Maybe in the end for some people, there is no more hope left, and we are the only ones left to grief.


My Attempt at Making a Video

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This is a first video that I made, edited and published. Quite an accomplishment for me, alongside of binding my first journal. I was actually pretty proud of myself. It goes to show me, that even though the product might have not been so great, I had a lot of fun going throw the process. And if it helps anyone in any way, then it’s just an added bonus.