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MakeYourMark 24x36There are two other teachers that have left a profound change on me, and I admire greatly, Flora Bowley and Mindy Murphy Lacefield.  As I am always struggling to find my own way in painting, I am often reminded by them to stay in a place of uncertainty, to wait as long as I can to make a final decision.


Finding My Balance 36x36Wait it out and just make my mark.



Often times when I paint, I am moved very quickly to make a decision – there is a wing, and I want to make a bird, there is a start in a face and i want to finish it, there is a branch or a cloud. TheSundown 30x40


But lately, I just started to make my marks and wait out the whole process, not wanting to commit to anything, I just stay patiently  in a place of uncertainty. It can be a beautiful place, but it can be a somewhat frustrating experience. But what oftentimes emerges is worth waiting for.LadyWithAFunnyHat 24x36

One thought on “Make Your Mark

    Mare said:
    August 15, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    Love your site Renata! And your art work is stunning! I’ve watched you grow (on facebook) as an artist, and totally enjoy looking at your work.


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