Mother’s Day

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I have taken many workshops in the past two years when I embarked on this more intense creative journey. I think taking workshops with all these wonderful artists/women is mostly about being inspired. Connecting with other artist primes us not to be the duplicators, but to see all the possibilities there are and helps us grow and ripen into more authentic self. My  second on line course I took was with Christy Tomlinson, and I did so much since then, but she still inspires me. Her warm selfless soul touches and helps so many women around her.  She coined the phrase She Matters and it’s meant to empower all women. I am now borrowing that phrase to name my painting.

She Matters

She matters









Another artist I just recently found out about is Danielle Donaldson. She also has a blog to inspire and empower women through creativity. As I was reading her blog I stumbled on this post that truly inspired me to write this one. You can read it on her blog or in here –

“I don’t often share deep, meaningful stories. And, well, I am not going to start now.

But sometimes the right words fall into place and capture something. A conversation, an overwhelming moment of goodness. BIG. HUGE. colorful epiphanies.

I realized the someone I love gets me way more than I thought.  Way more than I gave credit for. And things are just good.

So I finally figured out that it is all about surrounding yourself with the right peeps. And being very aware of the wrong peeps.

surround yourself with those who see your weaknesses as strengths, not your strengths as weaknesses

hurt, not angry

caring, not “too sensitive”

guarded, not bitter

thoughtful, not worried

strong, not weak

quiet, not absent

It may not make any sense to anyone but me. that’s ok. it may mean something entirely different to you. but i hope you know that you are full of all sorts of good stuff. don’t let anyone tell you differently. with their words or actions.

so there.”

I think she is so right to write this. We sometimes forget how important it is for our wellbeing to surround ourselves with people that support us, because as women and the prime nurturers of life, our healing can only happen from strength, not weakness, and empowering ourselves will only strengthen the shining light that we can emanate to others.


Happy Mother’s  Day,

celebrate the mother in you, or the one you have.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

    Steph Schleicher said:
    May 10, 2014 at 4:44 pm

    What a wonderful post and beautiful sentiments, Renata. I feel super lucky to have found you via online workshops and your work definitely inspires me. Have a fabulous day.


      renataloree responded:
      May 10, 2014 at 8:13 pm

      Thank you so much Stephanie. I feel lucky as well, because your art always inspires me 🙂


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