Leaves of Change

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Most of the time I have an idea what I want to paint. I start seeing images in my head that want to make their way on a surface and with it an idea comes to mind. As I start to paint the fragmented images might change and form into an object or they stay dancing around on their own not wanting to associate with an idea. But as the “Leaves of Change” painting started to form I knew that I myself was going through a change. That change started long ago and I don’t think that it is ending yet. And I was reminded of these words from the author Mark Nepo.

Though it is understandable to pray to God to remove us from pain and confusion, God waits at the very heart of that pain and confusion, if we can “become our way through it. This growing with God causes the heart to blossom. So it might serve us better to pray for the wherewithal to endure the flare of earthly moods into what is central and sacred, the way the gold is melted at intense temperatures. It presses us into what is immediate and clear, the way that coal is pressed into a diamond. It wears us into what matters, the way the ocean wears the sharp edges from the mouth of a shell.

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