Color Play

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I have painted all my life. And like yoga, painting fits into the part of me where I can escape to another world.  There is no time or space, just colors and shapes dancing together in unlimited possibilities. Bright colors, dark colors and the many shades in between create a mood, a stark contrast and interplay of emotions.

I think that every time we look at something beautiful, like a sunrise or fireworks, we connect with the eternal, the joyful godlike self. And we want to preserve the moment. We take a picture in our minds, and hope we can hold on to both the image itself and the way that it made us feel inside. Artists take a different route by expressing the beautiful moment through painting, drawing, sculpting and other mediums in order to preserve the image. But because every individual perceives life’s experiences in different ways, there are a myriad of possibilities of what will come out on the canvas. Our artistic expression is also shaped by the medium that we use, the camera settings, or the words that we choose to describe the moment. Possibly, it’s never exactly what we saw, and chasing after the ideal can become maddening. I think that nature is always the ultimate master, but by continuing to practice our art we can bring ourselves closer to the divinity of life’s precious moments.

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